Lombardi's has been serving the Salisbury community of over 30 years. We are Salisbury's oldest operating full-servicerestaurant, serving authentic stone-baked Pizza & Strombolis, Pasta, Subs & Sandwiches. Our entire menu is prepared in-house using fresh local ingredients. Our Manicotti is made with 3 Cheeses & our Lasagna from 6. Our Maranara Sauce is made fresh, and is one of our signature items along with our Jersey-style Italian Cold Cut Sub, our Great Soups and our fresh all breast Chicken Salad; and we even know how to make a Patty Melt. We don't offer a lot of fancy fluff, just authentic good food, served in decent-sized portions at very reasonable prices.

Lombardi's isn't a college or beach hang-out, it's a family-oriented local gathering place. We accommodate Soccer, Swim Team, Birthday, Baseball, Football, Band, Cheerleader, Anniversary, Christmas, Office, Graduation and Retirement Parties for 6 to 60.

Lombardi's is a place to visit with old friends and neighbors on a Friday or Saturday night; a place to pause during a busy day of shopping; somewhere to stop after a trip to the zoo; the 19th hole after a round of golf; where fish tales become longer; a place to stop by after a concert or a movie; or even a place to take the whole family when you don't feel like cooking..

And if you're stuck at the office over lunch, or you've got a meeting running late into dinner; just give us a call or fax, because we also deliver the broadest selection of anyone around (every item on our menu except beer & wine).

Lombardi's is an old-fashioned local family restaurant, with a wealth of local history mixed with good food and value. For the past 30 years Lombardi's hasn't been out there on every corner trying to become the biggest; just here, in one place, doing our best one customer at a time.



Lombardi's is a locally owned and operated entity of one. We don't have to answer to wall street, just you, our customer. We don't spend lots of time communicating with analysts and institutional investors, we spend time listening to our customers instead. No nationwide mediocrity here. We aren't worried about what you're served in Kalamazoo, Michigan; because we're not there. Our owners are right here daily, making sure everything is made right!

Lombardi's has a very broad menu selection, and as almost everything is made to order, we have a lot of flexibility. If you want sweet relish on a burger, we've got it! BBQ sauce on a Turkey sandwich, just ask! Cappicola Hot Ham on your pizza, why not! If we've got it in stock, we can usually accommodate your needs.

Since we're local, we buy local whenever we can. 90% of the tomatoes in our sauces were grown and fresh-packed on the East Coast, and half of them right here on the eastern shore. We use only fresh-packed tomatoes as they are the best quality available, not the cheapest.

You won't find Turkey loaf on your sandwich here, just 4-star quality Turkey Breast meat. We use real Ham that is 98% fat free and 97% water free. Our Lasagna is made with six different types of cheese and our Manicotti from three. Our Pizza & Stromboli are cooked in stone-hearth gas ovens not because it's easier (it's not), but because that's the only way to make them right.

Lombardi's chicken salad is made from only breast meat, and we save the chicken broth for our chicken-based soups. Our ground beef is fresh ground the day we receive it, and our burgers are all hand-made. Our coleslaw is hand shredded and we slice all our own ingredients daily.



Just as we are conscious about the quality of the food we serve our customers, so are we in the qualifications of our staff. Lombardi's employs people from a broad base of experience and age groups. We look for people who genuinely care about serving others, and who take pride in their labors. We are in a service business, and these are the types of people who will care for our customers. Our core staff has been with us for many years, and are committed to servicing our customers needs to the best of their ability. When we look at a job applicant we're more interested in how they can complement our customers experience, rather than in their experience. We take a lot of time to train our staff, and we're proud of their many years of experience.

Lombardi's Owners, Van & Cathy Glaman, are both food service professionals. To them, Lombardi's isn't a sideline or an investment, it's a way of life. They are here everyday, making Pizzas, Cooking sauce, slicing meats and making sure that their customers are served the best we can offer. Our Managers have all worked their way up. Every member of our Management Team knows how to work every position in our restaurant, and how to make everything on our menu. Consequently, even if we're short-staffed, our customers are assured of receiving a meal that is consistent, timely and served in a friendly and personable manner.




Because Lombardi's makes practically everything on it's menu in-house, we're able to offer our customers impressive value. We spend a little more on the ingredients up front, and then save you money by preparing things ourselves. That's why we're able to offer you large servings for very reasonable prices. And since everything is prepared by local people, your money stays here in the Eastern Shore economy

If you were to compare the sizes of Lombardi's pizzas with the national chains;our Large 15" and Extra Large 17" should more appropriately be labeled Larger & Super-Jumbo; and maybe, if we were that insecure we would (but we aren't).* While the national chains have all been scrambling to shrink their pizzas and inflate their prices, Lombardi's has kept our pizzas sizes and prices as reasonable as possible. It's a simple commitment that we've made to our customers: To provide the best quality product, at the most affordable price, in family-sized portions.


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